6 Steps to Becoming a Better Cyclist

August 22, 2017
Becoming a Better Cyclist

Since I started this sport I’ve always wanted to become a better cyclist. Better as in stronger than my last time on the road.

Below you will find tips on how I continued to improve my cycling!

Becoming a Better Cyclist

5 Steps to Becoming a Better Cyclist

1. Ride A Decent Bike

You don’t have to go all out and brake the bank on a new bike, however having something that breaks down all the time is going to be miserable.
Consider it an investment, go to a proper bike shop and make sure your bike fits your body and intended purpose.

2. Ride With People Stronger Than You

Whether that is in a group or you have that one friend that is ridiculously strong and has patience of saint.
Riding with those stronger than you will push your limits, because who doesn’t feel bad holding others back, take that feeling and turn it into a burning drive to get those legs moving.

3. Learn To Love Hills

As daunting as they can appear, they will make you stronger! Adding hills into your route, even a couple of hundred meters in elevation will pay off.
Over time you will see your strength grow and the improvement in your cardiovascular fitness .

4. Track Your Performance

Investing in a device that will monitor your speed, heart rate and cadence will give you the information you need to know when you are over exerting yourself or if you are riding efficiently.

I use the Garmin 520 bundle and in short, I love it.

5. Fuel & Hydrate

How much and how many bars, gels, electrolytes and water you need to take in will vary from ride to ride.
The important thing is to keep fuelling yourself so you don’t hit a wall. Trust me, it sucks.

6. Take Time to Recover

After a hard ride the next day can be exhausting. I believe in active recovery. That could be going on a shorter, easier ride. A light hike or walk.
As tempting as it can be, don’t sit and do nothing. Foam rolling works wonders.

Roading Biking At Iona Beach

Start with small wins. I use the app Strava to track my distances and speed.

It has a function that shows when you have hit a personal record (PR) on a segment.
There is nothing more rewarding than seeing that you beat your time up that damn hill.

To be a better cyclist takes time and commitment. With time you will see the fruit of your labour.

Cycling at Iona Beach

Thank you for reading and enjoy your bike ride!


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