Gold Creek Falls: The Best Short Hike With A View

August 29, 2017
Gold Creek Falls

The best short hike to a beautiful waterfall is located in Golden Ears Provincial Park, Gold Creek Falls.

With its wide gravel trail and minimal elevation,  the 5.5 km round trip is a great way to move the legs and the view is amazing.

How To Get To Gold Creek Falls

You can get there by searching “Golden Ears Parkway” in Google Maps

W A R N I N G 

Google Maps can be misleading, the end destination of where the parking lot is to get to Gold Creek Falls, which is reached by the Lower Falls Trail, actually is at this red square. Continue along the Golden Ears Parkway and you will cross a wooden bridge and the parking lot is seconds away.

Gold Creek Falls Google MapsIt would be best to go during the day when there is a lot of sunlight. On the drive to Golden Ears you will notice as you pass the houses that there are some very tall trees and no street lamps.

It could be hazardous to drive in and out of the park with little sunlight.

Lower Falls TrailheadIt’s convenient that it’s a short distance is because you will not have cell phone service or it will be very poor heading into the park and throughout the hike. With that, I recommend taking screenshots of anything you may think you will need to reference later.

The trail is well marked and groomed, it would be very hard to get lost.

Gold Creek Falls There will be an opening to the left side of the trail where you can carefully make your way closer to the waterfall.

Gold Creek FallsOnce you’re done taking in the waterfall, you can make your way to the top!

Carefully maneuver yourself back to the trail and continue upward.
The trail will be simple to follow, a few minutes and you will reach the top and the view is just as pretty.

I wouldn’t say you need proper hiking shoes but closed toed shoes would be good since there’s a lot of loose rocks and dirt. I wore my Nike runners. It can be slippery, so, proceed with caution.

Gold Creek FallsGold Creek FallsThis is definitely my new favourite short hike!

This is a great trail to use for active recovery as mentioned in my previous post: 6 Steps to Becoming a Better Cyclist

I hope you found something helpful here and didn’t get lost like I did trying to get to this trail!

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  • G September 5, 2017 at 4:01 pm

    Love the photos and the step-by-step write up!

    • MichelleN September 5, 2017 at 4:58 pm

      Thank you! Its a great easy hike to try if you’re ever in the area =)

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