How To Spend 5 Hours on Isla Mujeres

July 31, 2017
Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres is an island surrounded by the beautiful Caribbean Sea.
The main modes of transportation are scooters, cars and golf carts. It is a great place to getaway from your all-inclusive resort and see some beautiful sights.

If you are short on time, here is how you can spend several hours on Isla Mujeres.

How To Get To Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres is an island that is easily accessible by ferry.

From the Iberostar Resort in Paraiso Maya, in Cancun, it is roughly a 45 minute taxi ride to the ferry terminal, the fee charged was 700 pesos/50 USD.

At the ferry terminal, you need to purchase your tickets for the Ultramar Ferry. The tickets for adults are 18.20 USD for a round trip ferry ride. The ferry leaves every half hour on the half hour and is an 18 minute ride.

After arriving on Isla Mujeres, you may notice the streets are busy with cars, scooters and golf carts! Golf carts and scooters are popular modes of transportation.

We rented our golf cart from Rent A Car Prisma Golf Carts, it is roughly a 5 minute walk to the left of Senior Frogs.

Be sure to have your driver’s license as you will need it for your golf cart rental. The rate is 45 USD for all day 9am – 5pm.

The shop attendant was kind enough to extend the return time to 6pm for our rental.

Punta Sur

Isla Mujeres

Punta Sur

Punta Sur

This lookout area that allows you to enjoy the views of the Caribbean Sea. There is a stone wall along the path with signs that state you should not cross over.       

  1. For your own safety as there is a cliff edge on the other side
  2. For the safety of the iguanas loitering in the area

Playa Lancheros

Isla Mujeres

Playa Lancheros

Playa Lancheros

Playa Lancheros

This lively beach is located in the Southern end of the island.

The beach is lined with palm trees and there are lounge chairs you can rent. Alternatively, if you bring your own towels, finding a nice spot in the shade works just as well.

Where To Eat at Playa Lancheros

Marbella is a fun, beach front fish market/restaurant.
As it was our first time dining here, they gave us a tour or how seafood is housed in the restaurant before it is cooked.

They don’t have menus, they name the the seafood of what they have (ex/ clams, octopus,shrimp ) and you let them know how much of what you want and what you would like to eat ex/ fish tacos.

With that, it felt like they make up the price on the spot depending on the patron. The shrimp and scallop risotto we ordered came to $40 USD and served four people.

It was a nice spot conveniently located on the beach and a great way to end your time there.

Isla Mejures was absolutely lovely. I hope this post helps you out if you end up visiting.

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