Making Office Wear Work After Hours

August 15, 2017
Wilfred Jallade Pant

Making office wear work after hours means less worrying!

Gone are the troubles of thinking about what to wear to that after work function or bringing an extra outfit to work.
Here’s a few examples of how you can make your office wear work after hours.

I always try to purchase garments I’ll be able to wear for multiple occasions.

Wearing: Wilfred Jallade Pant, Wilfred Bonaventure Blouse, Zara Shoes

Wilfred Bonaventure Blouse

The pants are high waisted and the blouse is a crop top.

It makes a great work outfit because when when they meet there is no skin exposure.
It also makes the perfect after hours outfit because the silhouette creates a flirty look.

You may be thinking, the amount of skin exposure is inappropriate for the work place.

I wholeheartedly agree! Which is why wearing a cardigan or blazer is the perfect piece to compliment.
Also, easy to take off for after work events.

Wilfred Bonaventure Blouse

The off the shoulder can be tricky to pull off at the 9-5 job. Factors that could come into play would be the culture and environment. However, it can be done!

I believe the best approach is to go for a polished, tailored look. Pairing  Bring a blazer to throw over your shoulders if you run into someone with influence.

The ties at the elbows and the slightly boxy cut made me feel elegant in the workplace.

Wearing: Wilfred Jallade Pant, Babaton Malik Blouse, Zara Shoes

Wilfred Jallade Pant

Babaton Malik Blouse

I love the length of these pants.
Cutting just above the ankle allows for any footwear combination.

I have been wearing these slip on mules all Summer but even these Alexander Wang Shoes can be worn with this outfit for a dressier look.

Keep it simple during the 9-5 and bring out the accessories for after hours.

Wilfred Jallade Pant

I hope this outfit post gave you some work wear inspiration!
Would love to know your thoughts!

Leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading!


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