Best Locations to Take Photos During Golden Hour In Richmond BC

July 11, 2017
Garry Point

Golden hour is when magic happens.

It is the best time of day for taking photos! The light is soft and ideal for photographs.
Golden hour is beautiful anywhere, here are my favourite places to enjoy it in Richmond BC.

Iona Beach

You will see the occasional airplane fly by on your way here. There is a paved road that offers a nice walk by the water.
Just behind the public bathrooms is a beach.
Conveniently enough, right from the bathrooms there is a strip of blue tarmac that will allow you to walk effortlessly to the soft sand.

Golden hour at Iona Beach

Golden hour at Iona Beach

Larry Berg Flight Path Park

You will definitely see planes fly over here as the airport is not too far away.
This family oriented spot has a makeshift runway, picnic benches and a half of a globe statue.

The distance from Iona Beach to Larry Berg is a roughly a 15 minute drive.
If you wanted to hit up both locations in same evening it is totally manageable.

Google Map Iona Beach to Larry Berg

Golden Hour in Larry Berg Flight Path Park

Golden Hour in Larry Berg Flight Path Park

Garry Point

What will you find here?
Tall grass, flowers and water

This is a great area to spend the day as well.
A local hotspot for families to have BBQ’s on a nice Summer day.

Golden Hour at Garry Point

Golden Hour at Garry Point

Having pretty photos in the flower fields comes with a price!
Word of warning, bring bug spray.

Of the three locations, Garry Point is on the other side of Richmond.
The time to drive there is not that long, however, traffic can be unpredictable so you may not reach it while it is still golden hour.
Best to save it for an independent trip for maximizing the magic hour.

Google Map Larry Berg to Garry Point

Where are some of your favourite places to take photos during golden hour?

Leave me a comment and let me know!

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