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Where to Spend a Summer Night in West Vancouver? Lighthouse Park

July 14, 2017
Lighthouse Park

Lighthouse Park is your ideal date, evening stroll and photo shoot location all rolled up into one!
If you enjoy a casual stroll through tall trees, a well maintained trail and a great view, this is for you.

What I love about Lighthouse Park is how picturesque it is.
It’s easy to find a spot on any rock and have an intimate conversation or in this case, photo shoot.
This is also a popular destination for engagement photos given the beautiful scenery.

About The Look

There was going to be light wind near the water and I wanted to showcase how refreshing the location was.

With that, I chose to wear my pleated skirt that just flows when there is wind. Paired with a top that just so happens to have smaller pleats.

Wearing: Club Monaco Shirt, Oak and Fort Skirt (old)

Lighthouse Park

There is minimal elevation and does not require much effort or physical ability to ascend or descend. So anyone can do it!

From the parking lot, follow the dirt path.
If you follow the sign that that has an image of a lighthouse, it will take you to a lookout area and you will see the lighthouse along the tree line.
This a popular spot for bird watching.

If you follow the sign that says “East Beach” it is probably a 7 minute walk from the Lighthouse View.
It will take you down a flight of stairs where you will carefully need to watch your footing to make it to the flat rocks.
There will be many loose sticks and rocks so having close toed shoes is recommended.

I would love to know where you spend your summer nights!

Let me know in a comment below.

Thanks for reading,


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